Saturday, July 10, 2010


Stop, Speed Racer, Stop!

Speed Racer, one of the worst cartoons of all time, was a Saturday-morning favorite for me and my brother.

That is, until it got banned. Both my parents walked in one morning, just as we were watching Racer X clumsily hit someone over the head with a wrench. My mother was appalled by the violence, while my dad was even more upset by the terrible animation.

Somehow, they both were right.

Are there even cartoons on TV on Saturday morning anymore?

Saturday morning cartoons died with Sunbow Productions.
Today's cartoons are educational. Yuck.
I beg to differ. Any show that features One Horse Town, Danger Pass, and Mystery Road in one episode is worthy of recognition.
Prof. Osler,

You may be interested to know, if you didn't already, that Speed Racer was turned into a full length motion picture in 2008. It shares many of the qualities first exemplified by the cartoon...bad animation and cheap dialogue among them.

see clip:

I saw that movie. I seemed designed to induce headaches, with the spinning lights and strobe effects.

Of course, I also hurt myself playing with fireworks this year.
Spencer, my son who is 6, has a friend that loves both Spongebob and Tom & Jerry. He is a little older than Spencer but he is Autistic and Spencer just loves playing with him. They play really well together for hours at a time. However when he goes to this kid's house they will always have on either of those two shows. I do not like Spongebob, esp the way the characters talk to one another. Calling each other stupid and stuff. I hate that. SO I do not let him watch it at home. We monitor very carefully what he watches and try to limit it anyway.

Spencer also loves a lot of the shows on like TLC and Discovery channel Like BUILD IT BIGGER, BIG BIGGER, BIGGEST, Man v Food, Dirty Jobs, HOW DO They DO IT, HOW ITS MADE type things. Have to be careful with those too! For one thing, they have commercials and so then he is telling me stuff like "MOM You forgot to buy a SLAP CHOP." or "MOM WE NEED SPACE BAGS!" that is the first thing...
Then the other thing is that like there was this show he loved and it was about LUMBERJACKS or like HELI-LOGGERS or something like this Well Every other word was BEEPED OUT!! The way these guys talk to each other is BAD and He does not need to hear that stuff.

SO I mean it's hard to regulate TV for your kid. You can do all PBS but they get bored with just DORA and BLUES CLUES etc. so I let him watch some regular stuff as long he is learning something and the language is okay.

He recently saw a show on how an oil rig was made and WOW! He was just GLUED to that show because he is SO FASCINATED by this oil spill. He talks about it all the time and follows websites with info on it and stuff
South Park.

Not sure if that's on Saturday mornings.

Better than cartoons was Ultraman
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