Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Road Trip

Last week, I went out to El Paso and Alpine with IPLawGuy. It was awesome.

IPLawGuy and I were friends in college 28 years ago, which is hard to believe. I'd say we're both much different now, but that's not really true.

Here are some photos, which feature the road, the cd that IPLG bought for some reason, and some other stuff.

By the way... the best of Norman Greenbaum is pretty bad:

We went back to the gallery in Marfa (the Ayn Foundation) described in chapter 18 of my book, and I, uh, gave them a book:

I love the Alpine train station...

The second to last photo is at a Dutch Angle. Was something ominous and/or terrifying about to occur?
Did you see the Marfa Lights?
And now you've seen the hellish place that spawnt one such as I. West Texas is a dark and twisted place, whence nothing good ever came.
To prove we haven't changed much, we went and got a keg on Saturday.
What's a Dutch Angle? Is that a town in Texas?
You should have taken the road trip in the big honkin green station wagon and bought big yellow hats.
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