Monday, July 19, 2010


The most over-the-top admissions video ever...

Will it actually become parody? Watch and see...

Over-the-top? Which part?
The ridiculous singing students!
It is kind of creepy.
I think that the tip-off that it's a parody is the perky student saying "Yeah, Admissions Officer" and interrupting what is clearly a date to sing about residential colleges.
Professor Osler,

Are you telling me that all those stories about your years at Yale are exaggerated? Because the way I heard it, it was pretty much just like the video!
Hey, I was there for law school, so it was just work work work. (cough). Mostly. (cough).

William and Mary, where I did go for undergrad, did not have air conditioning in my dorm. In August, we all walked around like zombies. The guy next to me dried his clothes by taping them to the wall. Now THAT would make a great video.
well, now i know why they call yale the wake forest of the north.
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