Friday, July 09, 2010


Haiku Friday: What to do on the beach

I really, really, want to go to the beach. It's the middle of summer, and I'm still teaching, so it probably won't happen, but a guy can dream, right?

What to do, though, on the beach? Everyone has a theory. This week, let's put ours into haiku form.

Here is mine:

Warm sand, cool water
The sound of waves and laughter
I lie still, listen.

Now it is your turn...

Reading a novel
Of brainless idiocy
Sand/blanket heaven.
No beach for me. No
natural bodies of water.
What lies beneath???? Yikes.
My beach, covered in
Rain (thought I would say oil, hey?)
Not much fun at all.
To the beach - let's go!
Crowds, hot sand, salt water, ugh -
Is it time to leave?
Hot sand, running feet,
Swimming out past the buoys,
One with the ocean.
Giant bear is loose!
Killing children in the surf
(Minnesota beach)
A few of my favorites,

Sunrise at the Beach:

Brilliant jets of color
Float over the horizon
To announce the day.

Day at the Beach:

A rhythmic ballet,
Waves animate the shoreline
And paint the dry sand.

Gulls hang on the wind
Like puppets suspended by
Invisible wire.

Sunset at the Beach:

Flames on the water,
Like an amber Ironclad
Retired to the depths.
Love eating dolphins!
Mixed in with my tuna-
Yummy on the beach.
I stood frozen
As the waves got bigger
Did I go in
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