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Haiku Friday: Encounters with strangers

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I have a post up right now at the Huffington Post about an unusual encounter with a stranger. You can read it here.

People meeting for the first time has become a theme with me lately. On Thursday night, there was an epic event in Razor history-- all of my primary conservative commentators got together and met one another, some for the first time. That's right; IPLawGuy, the Waco Farmer, Woody, and RRL all were in a small circle at Scruffy's in Waco, giving me a hard time. It was great.

Now I am in Alpine, Texas, one of my favorite places in the world. I am a stranger here, out of my element, and I love that.

So, let's haiku about being a stranger or meeting a stranger. You all have a story... let's hear it.

Here is mine (which is about Thursday night):

Old souls together
Telling stories they all know
And yet they just met.

Now it is your turn. It can be a story about a romantic interest, a friend, the check-out person at Target, whatever....

Very private person
Don't talk to friends, let alone
Strangers; keep walls up.
Face paint, wild eyes
Sits alone by the fountain--
"This is my make up"
Jesse, please tell me that person is not you.
Prof., with the study hours I've been keeping lately, I can't be held accountable for my own actions.

In seriousness, thought, my haiku is about a woman who used to sit outside Union Station with very precise stripes painted on her face, and a strange white dust all over her person and belongings. I bought her a lemonade once, and asked why she had stripes on her face. The final line was her earnest reply.
Double decker bus
Travelling solo today
Care to walk with me
She's new. Catherine?
I ask for a ride...two blocks.
My wife. Their mother.
First row, sleepy girl
We were both students of law
Knew it even then.
Cody Stafford? Who?
You mean Clay? That's not his name?
Well, yeah. He is cute.
Bad news bear, that girl
First encounter, she was drunk
And ever after.
Friend of a friend’s friend,
Birthday lunch at Chili’s Too –
I’m so glad we met!
I'm an Air Force brat
We don't usually meet strangers
They're just not friends yet
It was Wednesday

eat at Reata
food brings strangers together
over the devine grits

I'm not good at haiku, but I'm good at eating. Don't ever visit Alpine without eating at Reata.
I'm also not good at spelling.

I have had a similar encounter at that shipping company storefront. It really took me aback--just like it did as you described. I can't say my reaction was as wise or deliberate as yours, but I'm glad that I now know someone who has shared in this unique Waco experience.
william and mary
homecoming float afire.
again?? better run.
where'd i put my shoes?
how the heck did i get here??
"oh sure, i'll call you."

(that one is just a story that i heard from a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who that happened to.)
Anonymous, yes
that is my actual name
my parents were strange.
Looked for a guy I
used to know. Found his Bro.
Met My Great freidn Ginger.
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