Friday, July 30, 2010


Haiku Friday: Celebration!

The big news for MY week was the House passage of the Fair Sentencing Act, which will now be signed by the president. As many of you know, I have worked on this issue for many years, an effort that has included several cases in the courts of appeal, one in the Supreme Court, trying to rally support at Harvard, and writing academic articles. I also have an op-ed in this morning's Dallas Morning News, but that's after the fact.

Last night, with perfect if unplanned timing given the passage of the bill, I spoke about crack/powder to the Republicans of Greater Dallas at the invitation of one of my favorite former students, Emanuela Prister. That was a form of marking the day, but not quite enough...

How to celebrate? Should I sip Bacardi like it's my birfday? Should I play with fireworks? Let's haiku today about celebrations...

Here is mine:

What a week it was!
The place to find me tonight-
George's bar, Waco.

Now it is your turn... don't worry about syllable counts this week, we're going free-form. Just let your freak flag fly with three short lines...

Not about celebrations but about George's...

Like all who came before
George's was our home
We thought we were the first.

Debbie and Charlene
The waitresses we feared and grew to love
And tried to help as we saw what could happen to any of us.

Still, skeeball and Big O's
Hot summer nights and new friends
It was a place to celebrate.
Celebrate good times
Come on! Gag me, Lionel R.
The worst song ever.
I celebrate by typing
its the only way.
George's Bar, Waco?
Should I fly to Texas and
sip some barcardi?

No, gin martini's
will be sipped on the back deck
Mason Rd, Durham
Bad tenants move out!
HazMat suit, cleaning supplies
Big celebration

(Martini's needed afterwards)
I think Outkast said it best in their 2000 single B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad), which was released off of their fourth studio album, Stankonia:

1, 2.. 1, 2, 3; yeah!
In-slum-national, underground
Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground (Woo!)
Last day in DC,
Packing for my flight...
Headed to the beach!
Osler at George's
Graduation tomorrow
But he's not speaking?
Is it Monday yet?!
Husband en route home from war –
Is it Monday yet?!
Celebration fail:
Smoking actual crack with
School kids tonight.

Not that Osler would do that...
11 years back
I asked her to marry me.
"Yes, let's go to George's"

Hand perfectly played,
All our friends lay there in wait
"Surprise!" Let's celebrate!
Running faster now,
than I ever have before.
Celebrate new life.
Airplane, a mile high
Silently celebrating
I am coming home.
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