Monday, July 12, 2010


Blog notes

1) The former Jessica Phelps has morphed into Jessica Stafford (the photo above is one I took at their wedding) and graduated from law school while dumping her old blog and adding a new one. Thus, "Female Parts" is off of my Baylor blogroll, and "The Girl Who Ate Houston" is added to the Baylor alum blogroll.

2) I am about to cull some deadwood from the blogroll, so if you have let your blog go for a while, this is a good time to post! Peter Pope over at Magnificent Vista did so today, with this hilarious post about Facebook.

3) Bob and Mary Darden are out of town for a while (and apparently away from the internet). When I miss them, I visit Bob's last post, which is deep and sad and reminds me of the Good Blues.

Don't kill Catfish/Paddles! I'm turning it into the "Repository of PC Related Haikus" blog.
If you need any submissions, Will, let me know. I have law-kus up the wazzoo.
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