Monday, July 26, 2010


The best part of Baylor

As I leave Baylor, there is one thing I am certain of: The best part of the law school, what makes it unique and good, is the students. They are incredibly hard working, resourceful, complex, and intelligent. My greatest honor here was to teach them, and I am incredibly proud of their accomplishments. There is not a thing, not a single thing, that I was able to accomplish in the past ten years of work without their help.

For example, take these two guys, Sid Earnheart and Matt Fass. They did most of the work on the commutation project, which has a new aspect I will discuss in the future. Their work was exemplary. There is a chance, a chance, that their work may change an important part of the law and open up new possibilities. With both of them, they thought of things I did not and made contacts I would have hesitated to cultivate.

People like Sid and Matt-- they are what Baylor Law is about. Not me. Not any other professor, or someone with a statue in the hall. We teachers and administrators humble ourselves when we say that (if we dare to), but voicing a humbling truth is always worthwhile.

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Where are you going?
haha don't forget some of your students do work that just creates a lot of hate mail for you!

I'm distracting Hobbs with Flight of the Conchord, I'm just a disaster for BLS as a whole!

That is one great mustache.
not only do they have highly-developed legal minds, but they are also part of a miniscule segment of society afflicted with the rare condition "manus blurritus," more commonly known as "blurry hand syndrome."
Parting shot at Mad Dog... classy.
I don't think it was just about Mad Dog, it was probably about all the portraits and sculptures. How is that incorrect? Yes, they contributed a lot of money and are alums; however, they are the past and the students are the future.

The school's success is determined by the ability of the student more than the teacher. Without hardworking students, there is no purpose for the teacher.

That wasn't a parting shot at all. In fact, I'm quite sure that Matt Dawson would be the last person to ever say this school was about him. He gave a lot to his students, and that reflected his own attitude on how important they were. I have a lot of respect for the guy-- in no small part because of his perspective on education, which involved him making many sacrifices for his students. I stand by my statement, and I suspect he would agree with it-- this school is about the students, as it should be.
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