Friday, March 12, 2010


Haiku Friday: I remember you

The past few weeks, I have tried something new with haiku Friday-- I have simply given you the last line, and you fill in the rest. That is, compose a first line of 5 syllables, and a second line of seven to go with the last line that I provide.

This week's last line is "I remember you."

Here is mine:

You let me get lost
In the woods, to find my way;
I remember you.

Now, it is your turn...

When I see the place
Where I used to keep my heart
I remember you
On my hip, two holes;
You meant for me to die then.
I remember you.
Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.
A single green leaf
Emerges from the tree branch
I remember you
Today, tomorrow –
Like so many days before,
I remember you
You told me your mom
Said I wasn't good enough
I remember you.
Before the sadness
Bright eyes, innocence and joy
I remember you.
Before the sadness
I thought you knew love, not lies,
I remember you.
Walking hand in hand
The love letters in the sand
I remeber you

With apologies to Skid Row
Your melon-like head
And scent (like rotting haddock)
I remember you.
Somebody beat me
To the Skid Row ref'rence to
"I Remember You."

The Atari's covered
The Song. But Skid Row best sang
"I Remember You."

Sebastian P. Bach
Had no perm--just straight, long hair.
I remember you.

Straight, blonde hair among
Hoards of permed screamers--Yeah,
I remember you.

Where did you go, man?
Too much Monkey Business. But
I remember you.

In just a few years,
I'll say to myself, I think
I remember you.
I like the Arizona PD's knowledge
of all things Bach (hair metal not classical).

How about.

You played Joeseph
In a technicolor coat
I remember you

Once a god of rock
But now damn you got real fat
I remember you

Met you in 97
Sad alone in a strip club
I remember you
You wore plaid, played the
drums in a band called jebozz.
I remember you.

Not surprisingly
you don't remember me but
I remember you.

Always fake drumming,
kind of humming, keeping an invisible beat.

I left. Escaped Grey
Gardens. No choice. Had to go.
Exscaped Big Edie.

Alll worked out for the best.
My favorite prof,
Oh, how I looked up to him,
I remember you.

My favorite prof,
He's one whom many admire,
I remember you.
My favorite guy
So glad you didn't die then
I remember you.
Maybe the reason
That he didn't die, was to
Live for a moment.
We met in Madrid,
Shared a canceled flight,
I remember you.
Crisp air, wood smoke smell
Connects, brings sudden peace that
I remember you.
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