Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Tonight: I Am Trenchard

Tonight at 6 pm I will be appearing along with a bunch of professional actors and Blaine McCormick in a reading of David Mamet's adaptation of the Voysey Inheritance, which is presented as part of the Dale P. Jones Ethics Forum at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business. The reading will take place in Kayser Auditorium at the B-School.

Here are the answers to some questions that have been posed to me about this (primarily by drunk people):

1) Is this going to be super-boring?

No. I think it is pretty interesting. It's about stealing stuff.

2) Are you going to be nude?

No. I will not be nude. In fact, it is a reading, so we won't even be walking around or doing car chases or anything.

3) Will there be car chases?


4) Are you going to be Voysey?

Well, I will be one of the Voysey brothers-- Trenchard, the oldest. He is an undeservedly self-important lawyer, so there shouldn't be much acting involved.

5) In the car chase...

There are no car chases.

6) Will I have to pay money to see you be in a play?

No. I think it is free.

7) Can I be in it?


As long as it's not Oleanna. That play sucks.
Is there a death scene? If you die on stage, do you have to lie there, motionless, for the rest of the act? That sounds hard.

No, I don't die, though my father does (offstage). Not my real father, of course, but the stuffy British one in the play.
Any snacks? What about swear words?
Did you kill him? Or is guessing whodunnit part of the play?

Is this a musical? Will you get to sing? Can we download the soundtrack?
Why no car chases? Car chases are

Some other questions:

Are there any silly hats?

In the play, does it turn out that
your love interest is actually your
sister, and does she then run off
with a rogue bounty hunter named Han

Do you laugh every time someone calls
you a thesbian?

Does the play include a montage scene
with music from the 80's band

Do we finally learn who shot JR?

So many questions! Here are answers:

1) There is neither snacking nor swearing in the play.

2) There are no car chases because the play is set in a place without cars.

3) Han Solo has no involvement, nor are there weird sister things.

4) I do laugh when someone calls me a thespian. Then I feel slightly uneasy and make sure no Baylor administrators heard that.

5) Yes, there is a montage scene with music from Survivor. (have you seen this already?)
What? A Mamet play with no swear words? I guess he is more flexible that I thought!

Next they should do Glengarry Glen Ross, for a totally different experience . . .
Uh, that was me; need to learn how to spell my own name.
You should wear a cape and a mask and deliver your lines in a rough, growling voice.
Justin T.-

Done! (Or should I say, "Dooone-grrr!")
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