Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Tomorrow in Austin!

I'll be driving down to Austin tomorrow to talk to the federal panel lawyers about some ethics stuff. So, what should one wear to a work engagement in Austin?

Shorts, cowboy boots, a Hawaiian shirt, Stetson, bolo tie.

Failing that, tye-dye shirt, torn ratty jeans, artfully mussed hair, and sneakers... in short, mug Prof. Bates and take his clothes.
I believe a hat is de rigueur for a gentleman in this situation. May I suggest something in a Stetson?
Texan Dad says boots jeans and ball cap would be both fashionable and ready to wear.

If it's a fancy event, a T-Shirt with no stains is appropriate.
Whatever Kinky would wear... seems appropriate.
You need a belt buckle the size of a chicken fried steak. Or possibly made out of chicken fried steak.
Great photo - this is how I imagined your parents looking back in the 60's.

As for appropirate dress...
The bollo tie from the movie was quite Texas gentleman like and boots.
Whatever it is that godless hippie/UT fans wear to work, if they do in fact find time to work instead of talking about Foucault or Derrida in coffee shops.
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