Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Meep meep meep?

Apparently, students at Danvers High School have been officially banned from using the word "Meep." And I think we all know why-- it is because of the heavyhanded use of the word by this gentleman:

This is obviously doctored. There is no saxaphone in this song.
"Meepy" is my pet name for my wife. This is an outrage that such a word would be found offensive.
Due to your continued use of the word "meep," I have now placed all of you and your so-called "Facebook Club" on Double Secret Probation!
Murray said the matter should be a wake-up call to parents about how kids are using social networking sites.

"I'm not sure parents are aware of what students are getting into on the Facebook sites," Murray said.

Hilariously ineffectual administrator demonstrates his hilarious ineffectuousness.

"I'm not sure parents are aware" that their students might be - get this - looking at muppets
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