Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Garfield Minus Garfield, Finals Edition

[click on the strip to enlarge it]

I love the elegance of the Garfield strip with the dumb cat removed. The remaining character, Jon, has a certain mournful elegance to him that really comes out in this version. I would note that Jon is also a student in my Crim Prac and Pro class.

Crim Prac and Pro wasn't a hard final! If they lose the will to live on that one, I expect PC-related suicides to be up this year.
Lane I added a physical fitness component this year, and at least part of the final has to be in Flemish, so it is tougher now.
The physical fitness part sounds the hardest. All of that library time, subsisting on a diet of pain and caffeinated beverages does a number on the physique.

OH! You'll be pleased to know that your former student just had his petition for discretionary review granted by the Court of Criminal Appeals this week. Oral argument will be sometime in the next two months. It's time to make some law.
Be careful Lane, the CCA now has a physical component to oral argument so ease up on the library time.
It's a cross between the Mr. Universe competition and the Wipeout japanese knockoff TV show.
Ratings are way up, too.
Library time? What ADA has that? My time is better spent dealing with defense attorney kvetching.
Also, as a longtime Takeshi no Kasotoru fan, I have no doubt that my prowess with both pratfalls and judo will serve me well.
Osler Garfield Without Garfield and NHL/Will Ferrell deal all in one week?

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