Saturday, November 07, 2009


All jumbled up

What a welter of events and emotions this week-- the best and the worst. I cannot stop thinking about the horrific events at nearby Fort Hood on Thursday. So many questions remain, the principle one being "why?"

Still, there have been such strong counterpoints. Yesterday I walked into school and saw a student and friend who had passed the bar. I shook his hand, and told him how happy I was, and it was very true-- I remember that feeling, the genuine deep relief, of getting that result. Today, too, is graduation, and I always love those.

Also, in amongst the haiku yesterday I found this, and it made me happy, too-- it sounds like someone in the Razorverse found love, and what is better than that?

Tests be damned
I am smiling and happy
Best date of my life!

Thanks, Mark, for the reminder that this life is also about joy, and brightness and love. I had been wallowing in depressing thoughts after reading ugly reactions to deeply sad events, one the execution of a murderer whose father is a talented Texas artist, the other the slaughter of soldiers preparing for deployment. In the former, a zeal for vengeance kept some from acknowledging the parents' heartbreak at losing a son; in the latter, others were quick to blame Islam for triggering an obviously mad and senseless act, the inference being the war on terror should be reframed in terms of Islam vs. Christianity.

Such angry, inflexible opinions expressed in the face of sorrow disturbed me more than usual and they've been hard to shake off. Thanks for planting a flower on the edge of the pit.
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