Thursday, July 30, 2009


EXCLUSIVE: Razor Scoops Politico!

The post below, on the incomprehensible nature of the health care reform process was first posted at 11:47 EDT. Five hours later, Politico ran basically the same story!


Sorry, I still haven't figured out how to embed a link; I got error messages. Maybe I need to ask the French. Here's the Politico story

I found it on Yahoo Finance.

Here's how the whole linking business goes, depending on your computer skills.

You can either 1) literally paperclip another computer to the post in the right place (not recommended), b) print said web page, scan, and upload photo to Blogger (also not recommended), or 3) type in the HTML in this format (NOTE: Only works in "Edit HTML" tab, will create idiotic mumbo-jumbo in "Compose" mode, you can switch between the two with the tabs at the top of the "New Post Editor" easily):

"<"a href="[link URL, copy and paste]">[text]

Also, you should erase the quotes around the < and > (but not the URL!), I just added those because otherwise, they would create a real link.

On a totally different note:

Why the heck are you reading Politico if you live near D.C. and read the Post? Don't you know that Politico was started as a competitor to the Post by disgruntled employees?

Still, it's almost as surreal as that time that the Prof. made GM's stock drop by posting a rant.
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