Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The third worst picture of me, ever

1) I'm cheating at cards.
2) A horrible mustache.
3) Mysterious bruise on nose.

You look like in that picture... a member of the cast of Boogie Nights.
Do I have an obligation to report this photo to the Disciplinary Committee of the State Bar?
Oh man, you look like you came out the worst in a bar fight. Probably for yer cheatin' ways! Ouch!
This explains the strong interest in cocaine sentencing laws: apparently you used to be a coke dealer.
Hey, that was college! It was a long time ago...
The bruise was from the last time you were caught cheating at cards. The mustache defies explanation.
Moustaches are never a good idea.

I guess if I were a man I'd be curious to have one, for a day or a few hours, to see how it makes you look . . . but it'd be temporary.

I've lived in a place where almost every man had a moustache, and it was . . . actually not anything I noticed consciously for awhile. Then a friend pointed it out to me, and after that it's all I saw, all around me . . . men with moustaches . . . .brrrrr.
Bus trip in college? The last school bus trip I took was from GPN to Stratford Ontario to watch a Shakespeare performance. I also remember (oh how naive I was) seeing a few kids snorting coke on the bus ride. This was 1980, what was sentencing like back then?

Who's the skinny guy with the mustache?
I'd like to nominate that 'stache for a Toben Award, given in honor of Dean Toben's legacy of the light-haired mustache.
Osler does not cheat at CARDS. He cheats at Foosball.
No, this isn´t the third worst picture, oh wait, I forgot, you weren´t prosecuted on that one thing, were you?
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