Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sunday Reflections: Mercy and kindness

There are many times I was unkind to people, and deeply regret it now. At the time, those unkindnesses seemed important or "honest" or necessary, and too often that was not true as seen through the wisdom that comes with time. On the other hand, there is not a single kindness or instance of mercy that I have come to regret.

These are things that come to mind as I get ready for a funeral. They should come to mind more often.

The King James Bible often used the word "lovingkindness" in talking about God. This is good word. So is "mercy." As I get older, the more they mean to me. Like you, I wished I reflected on them more often when I was younger.
I have been thinking about this today. This goes along with the saying 'sometime the truth hurts'.

Is it unkind to tell someone the truth, even when they need to hear it? I believe that there is 'unkindness' that is meant to be hurtful and is deliberate and then there in 'unkindness' that is delivered out of love and caring. An example of this: delivering amessage to someone that they need to hear, but don't want to hear.

That is a role I periodically play in my husbands family. For whatever reason, my mother-in-law accepts me speaking these truths, whereas the same words would be considered spiteful or argumentative from her children. I had the opportunity to do this today after she said something. I could have chosen not to respond, but made the decision that I could express to her something the others were not willing to. I was polite in my delivery.
Sometimes family dynamics really stink.
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