Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The Second-worst picture of me ever taken

Hoo, boy. I was in middle school. It doesn't speak well for my parents that they let this happen, but believe me, they really are good people. This photo is of the first day of school-- my brother and I are pretending to look upset, but my sister did not get the memo, it seems.

Despite the possibility that I might show up looking like that, I will be speaking over the next few weeks about the death penalty in Waco and Austin:

This week I will be speaking at Lakeshore Baptist Church in Waco. Then, at 2 pm on Sunday, June 14, I will give a talk at First United Methodist Church in Austin. Thanks to Baylor Law grad TJ Turner, I'm getting this great opportunity to speak at a great church, which is next to the state capitol.

Finally, I will have a reading at Bookpeople in Austin at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 16-- my favorite bookstore!

This is a great picture, it looks like your little sister just exacted some justice on you two... :)
The seeds of discontent were already brewing in that bowl haircut . . .
You look like my brother in that picture.
Chicago Roller Derby girl looks like she just got a way with sucker punching your brother
Swissgirl - backyard haircuts like that are what drive many of us to have fear of scissors, barbers and haridressers in general.
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