Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Might the Kindle solve two problems?

As a teacher, I see two problems with textbooks-- they are big, and they are expensive. My students look like airline passengers on a flight delay dragging all manner of bags (up to four on one person), and the costs of the books shock me.

For the first time, I saw someone using a Kindle the other day. Amazon makes and markets the Kindle as a portable reading device. It's amazingly thin and readable, and supposedly it is very easy to upload material.

If a student could just put all the texts onto the Kindle... life might be both easier and cheaper.

Not to mention cut down on deforestation, pollution and clutter.

I love books, but the portability of my library on my iphone with Kindle app is awesome.
I'm sure they'd still charge us $18,924.72 for a single text. Plus, I don't know that the Kindle would stand up too well to highlighters or margin notes.
Can you annotate the Kindle? I wrote all over my textbooks.
could I use my kindle in first year classes?
FYI I don't have a kindle. I am old-fashioned. I don't even used curved blades or a helmet for hockey.
My husband still has his 1st and 2nd yr law school books from the late 70's. Are they still relevant? If so, I would be happy to make them disappear at a very reasonable price. I can guarantee there is nothing about IPLaw as the concept did not exist back then.
IP law is the law of intellectual property, not the iPhone...
What is the black-white ratio on a kindle? The last time I checked, computers were no where near close to being able to replicate the black-white contrast ratio that paper could. That's why reading on a computer screen is so difficult.

If the Kindle has found some way to do this, it would be awesome.

How would you highlight stuff?
In Windows you can highlight, bold, change the color of text, so perhaps the Kindle has this type of feature? The questionis - can you doodle inthe margins using a Kindle?

Anon - despite not being an attorney I know what IP Law is. I am suggesting the books are quite DATED as my husband is an OLD FART.
And being inthe OLD FART category he does not have an iPhone, and iPod or any gadgets. We still have LPs and a Kindle is not in our future.
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