Monday, May 04, 2009


Maggie's kneecaps...

Are telling a sad story which breaks my heart.

It was not so long ago that she was the liveliest student at Baylor. Her husband, Chris, is a wonderful writer, especially given the overwhelming sadness of the story he is telling.

See comment #80 on the post.
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Thanks for directing me to a good cry this evening. I don't even know Maggie and Chris and my heart aches for them each time I read the blog.

Rest in sweet peace Maggie.
Sorry - the comment numbers have changed. You'll get the gist though.
I do not know her but I have been through all of what he describes, with my mother.

I have no words.
Cancer is hideous.
What a stark, beautiful way to capture the sadness of this story . . . I had the same reaction as Christine, and feel connected to them both, and ache for them both.
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