Thursday, May 07, 2009


How to Give for the Maggie Tree-- Now made more simple!

UPDATE: Here is the simple way to give to the Maggie Tree:

1) Go to this link.

2) Click on "Online Giving," which is a button on the left of the screen, under the photo of the distinguished-looking lady.

3) Fill in the blanks, and make sure it is going to the "Maggie Weaver Memorial."

Julie Corley down in the Baylor Law Dean's suite has kindly set up a fund to plant the Maggie Tree. Here are the instructions:

Direct gifts to:
Maggie Weaver Memorial, Baylor Law School, One Bear Place # 97288, Waco, 76798. They can also go online to give by credit card or payment plan. That can be done at (just enter Maggie Weaver Memorial into the fund directive).

I hope that many people will support this project-- it honors someone who has touched many of our lives, and is something she wanted. Too often, memorials to people seem disjointed from their lives and desires, but planting this tree really was one of Maggie's last wishes.

Thank you Osler for your help in getting this accomplished.
This is a great way to honor a woman who has inspired to many of us and to show how her memory will live on and grow. Thanks to all those who organized this!
Great job getting the word out on this. I will definitely be supporting and plan to spread the news. Thanks Prof. Osler!

I wanna make sure we are clicking the right things and putting the right things for the credit card option. Will you please give us step by step?
Is it under general endowed or named endowed? Then what? Sorry, but I want to make sure we know where to go and what to type.

I'm with Justin. A little confused by the online process.

Thank you professor, it is nice to feel that we can do something, anything for Maggie.
Ditto on the credit card deal. I got concerned I was doing it right and aborted. Please help.
Relieved I am not the only one confused by the credit card deal...
The Baylor Law page on facebook had this update:

Having a little trouble with the online giving portion. I'll let you know when it is available.
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