Friday, May 08, 2009


Haiku Friday: Trees

Live oak reaches out
One long arm towards a man
Who knew the acorn.

Now it is your turn:

Family tree map
Broken here and here and here
All from Uncle Jerry.
Litigation guy
Destroyer of the forest
Will trees get revenge?
Giant redwoods, ancient
Soar over the forest, 'til...
It's RRL! Bzzzzzzzzz....
That last part was supposed to be a chainsaw noise, not RRL himself.
Friday afternoon:
Sunshine bright and cloudless sky.
I'm so playing golf.

~Pat Dohoney
(J.D. Baylor 1985)
But, in the end
Eve gave the fruit back, and
he took their names.
dying trees make sounds
very low and mournful sounds
must try hard to hear.
I think that I shall
Never see a poem as ... wait!
This sounds familiar.
Heat invades, wilts will.
Running seems insanity,
until tree shade, cool.
Trees mean much pollen.
Good goes with the very bad:
Fresh air and sneezes.
Trees as memory:
Showy flow'ring pink dogwood
Outside my office

Planted by a man
Who held my job once, and then
Killed himself. Did he

Know this tree would grow,
Take one's breath away, make us
See nothing but life?

One thinks so, surely;
Its deep, rich, elegant hue
Sings only of life.
Nice, swissgirl! Wonder--
Did planting that tree push him
To or from despair?
Pines converse above
Unaware of the children
Dancing at their knees
Thanks, Anon 12:16--I've been hesitant to ask that question . . .
A limb on the ground
It crashed down in the night
Yet the body lives.
I had a dogwood
It grew too big for my home's
front yard. So did I.
Spencer wants to be
a Lumberjack when he grows
up. Sigh. I'm worried.
Axe murderers know
Cutting down cutting down trees
and humans: same?
Wind sighs like old bones
Air river through old pine trees
They wave in farewell.
Sitting 'neath the oak
The calm, chill, still weir waits
Acorns for trout, man learns.

(bonus points to those who get the allusion)
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