Friday, May 22, 2009


Haiku Friday: Food and Spring

Those who love food, the essence rather than the utility of it, have a wonderful passion in their lives-- one that is primal, nuanced, constant, and challenging. You can always tell by the look of their kitchen.

Today, let's haiku about food.

Here is mine:

The skin barely cut
By the pressure of her teeth,
The grape bursts forth, lush.

Now it is your turn...

My kitchen is currently a mess, because I'm still moving Mrs. Commie Pinko Hippie in to the beach house. I'm not sure what this says about me.

As for food-ku...

Spice, meat, sizzlin' grease
Cook'd corn wraps a tasty treat
Tacos from the street cart.
Rat tendrils and Spam,
I am a typical dude.
Only in the spring.

Victim of the Economy
Spam is not so bad!
Fry it up, with mac and cheese
If that's rat, it's good :)
A Johnsonville brat
And cold bottle of Shiner
Perfect. Texas. Sigh.
Meat balls and gravy,
French fries, roast chicken, rare steak,
Feasting on Friday.
I'm in a hurry
For curry. Summer or spring
Fall or frost. Doesn't matter.

Masaman, panang
Yellow or green: I love it.
The king of all foods!

Don't believe me?
Hey -- a couple of billion
People can't be wrong!

Wait! Chicken fried steak
Gravy, mashed potatoes, mmmm.
Fix me some dinner.
A red gumdrop tree?
May Cherries, the first of spring
Mouth puckering, tart!
Tomorrow's the day,
I'm gonna try a gutpack,
May not eat again...
Liked the video
From last night, grapes and
Kim Basinger. Yelp.
My fridge needs cleaning,
Food thrown away (not thinking
Of those left with none)...
Tonight for the first
time in ages, we sat by
the fire and roasted

Marshmallows. Made S'mores.
Bill, Spencer, me, 2 dogs.
We are home at last.

We missed TWO entire
summers in our house. Even if
Economy was GREAT?

We would STILL stay home.
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