Friday, May 29, 2009


Haiku Friday: Family

I was sorting through and scanning in some old family photos last night. It's quite a trip back in time to do so-- every picture was a link to something far away but really familiar.

But some, of course, are from a time before our own. The picture above is of my Great-Grandfather (recognize that hair?) holding my Dad. I suspect my Grandfather took the picture, as it is his style. I never met my Great-Grandfather, but he was a remarkable man, an engineer for Westinghouse who electrified entire provinces and played a role in the creation of radio. I love the mood of this one.

So, let's haiku about our ancestors today, near or far. Here is mine:

He walks on a dune
Carrying that small boy, John,
Summer's too soon done.

Now it is your turn...

Family secrets
Exposed today for Oslers
Lyle Lovett pictured.
PS I love Lyle Lovett.
My mother, a girl
Adrift in a tiny boat,
Her eyes shining.
Car Salesman, Lawyer,
Judge, Husband, my mom's Best Friend,
My father: hero.
Fresh asparagus
Grossie picks them expertly
Boiling water waits
you have Canadian blood in you?

on that note:

Stanley Cup hockey
begins tomorrow evening
down with the Red Wings.
The Detroit Red Wings
Puck Control over dump-chase
Saved the NHL

All Hail the Mighty RED WINGS!
Henry Larson and
I have exact same moustache
He's great grandpa.
All men, be aware:
Something wicked this way comes
The Nordstrom women.
The Waldensian Band
Valdese, North Carolina
My grandfather a

Boy, posed with the men
All holding instruments, drums,
Black suits, white shirts all

Italian immigrants
A few years off the boat, still
Full of hope and proud.
That was me in that last haiku; missed typing my name . . .
All my life, my friends
became my family. I
still prefer this way.

Family you get
can be great, but one you make?
Just the best EVER.

I have great people
in my life, family or
not. I'm truly blessed.

I don't post here often enough,
and often I don't know what the hell you are all talking about, so maybe it is BETTER not to - but I LOVE the RAZOR and everyone here.
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