Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Grosse Pointe Blanked

Sunday's New York Times reported on the economic problems hitting Grosse Pointe, Michigan. It's sad to hear.

Of course, it seems that at least some of the article, er, may have been tongue in cheek. According to the story, it seems that Grosse Pointe's most extreme hardships are the possible loss of a dumpy tennis club and greatly diminished dining numbers at the country clubs.

All those years in GP and I never heard about or knew where the 'dumpy' tennis club was located.

Did you know that The Village of Grosse Pointe Shores is now a City?
I'd believe it as satire from The Onion, but the Times?
SO weird that ALLLLLL I wanted to do while I lived in GP was to GET OUT. And after everything, I am in a town a lot like it... I mean in SOME ways it is like Canby, and then other ways not at all. GP most certainly did not have a Dairy Queen, an annual Rodeo or a chapter of Future Farmers of America at the high schools, BUT it was the same exact thing as far as being a sleepy town, very small, everyone knows everyone, they all do sports and go to church and all of that suburban boring stuff. GP has a lake, @ 6 Country Clubs, and virtually zero crime. Canby has very little crime (save for the occasional house explosion), just one country club and LOT more livestock.

I don't remember what my point was here. Just that I used to always look at those moms I knew in GP with their minivans and their station wagons and allll they seemed to do all day was to DRIVE KIDS AROUND. I was like "Get a LIFE, how can you STAND to just be a mom and drive kids around in that giant uggo behemoth minivan???"

And now, sitting in my driveway, is a giant minivan full of petrified nuggets and plastic dinosaurs and some other kid's jacket I do not recognize and allllll of this other crap and I still wonder all the time: "WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???" I AM that person, whose life is run by endless lists and errands and playgroups and swimming class and allll of that stuff.

Does this ever happen to anyone else???? That you like TURN INTO the person you used to make fun of?
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