Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The crowd

Yesterday I drove up to Dallas to speak to a big CLE conference funded by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The CLE (Continuing Legal Education) was for attorneys who defend people charged with capital crimes. It was a fascinating group to speak to, since the things in my book are directly related to their work. I loved having the chance to do that, and it seemed to go well.

One wonderful thing about teaching is that you learn something from every class, every group you address. They bump you a little, challenge you, and make it better, if you let it.

They weren't a bunch of hippies either (not that there is anything wrong with that-- that's my family, pictured above). They were a very impressive group of advocates, including Waco's own Russ Hunt and Guy Cox.

Partirdge Family wannabes?
Aww, y'all look like the hippest people in GP.
They were the hippest people in GP. The rest of us looked like the family in the NY Times photo, complete with dogs and Ford Country Squire station wagons.
Speaking of Partridge Family look-alikes, here's the guy the Sham Wow guy was separated from birth from ... and 19 other startling separated at birth coincidences from the NBA playoffs!
The 70's and early 80's were a dark period, fashion wise.
I kinda like Osler's outfit there-- he should go for that look again! The current Osler look is boring.
The beads and the hat are my favorite parts of that outfit.
I vaguely remember them trick or treating in those outfits
Christine, did GP'ers call the police? "There ah some hippie types ah panhandling doorah to doorah" Ha ha! (That is my mock yankee accent, by the way...)
Now Ginger, we have a unique midwestern GP nasal not that eastern seaboard pretentiousness.

Y'all have a good nite.

Oh, those were NOT Halloween costumes. Since we are standing by the back door of my parent's house in front of a drum set... I think it was a regular old house party.
House Party? Darn sounds like fun
Oh, you were long gone by then-- this is when I was done with college.
Christine, LOL!! :D
That is a really special hat. Right on.
You are right. I was busy eating grouper sandwiches at Passe-a-Grille. GP was a far away place
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