Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Programming Notes From DC, Utah, and Waco

I received two bits of good news last week. First, I found out that my article Seeking Justice Below the Guidelines: Sentencing as an Expression of Natural Law (available in draft form here) has been accepted by the Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy, which is the perfect place for it. It will run in the Winter 2009 issue of the Journal.

Also, the 2d issue of the 2009 volume of the BYU Law Review has hit the mail, which contains my article Policy, Uniformity, Discretion, and Congress's Sentencing Acid Trip. You can download that one here, or probably it will be the only result if you google "BYU acid trip." At least I hope it is.

Today I'm putting the finishing touches on a third article which ties together these two, titled After the Implosion: Guidelines for a New Era. So, all in all, I will have a book and two major articles in top-tier journals come out this year, with another on the way, and that's not bad.

One benefit of getting these things placed is that I haven't had to turn to porn for my livelihood, unlike Baylor's local PBS TV station. KWBU in Waco was apparently splicing adult movies into Sunday evening's showing of "My Music: 50's Pop Parade."

Just when I move. Seriously though, I can't imagine that PBS has the good stuff.

Congrats on the publications! I may walk across the street and drop some copies off at the fed courthouse.
Osler, you should splice some porn into the next article. That will move Baylor up at least two notches in the rankings.
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