Thursday, April 16, 2009


Art, Maggie Weaver, and Austin

I have written before about Baylor Law graduateMaggie Weaver's battle with cancer, and linked to her blog that has described the experience. If you have been following that blog, you have seen not only the hard days of late, but the incredible job her husband has done of chronicling it.

On Wednesday of next week (April 22), Maggie's friends are having an art sale in her honor at Soigne Boutique, 4800 Burnet Road, Suite 420 in Austin. The festivities start at 5 and go until about 8:30. It will be a great event. I would be there if I wasn't going to be in DC, starting my next big legal adventure.

But, no adventure will keep Maggie far from my thoughts and prayers, and I'm sure many many others will be there in person. And... if there was a Nobel Prize for friendship, I think Maggie's friend Flo Rueda would win.

I am so happy to see you mention Maggie here. Since I graduated, I only check 2 blogs -- hers and yours. Lately, I check hers first and then always look to yours to see if you mentioned her. I know there aren't many students left at BLS that know Maggie (I've only met her once), but Maggie and her husband, Chris, sure can use our prayers now. Maggie and Chris are both inspirational!
Professor, do you know whether there will be any opportunuty to bid for art via telephone or on the web? For those of us, like you, who cannot attend the event.

I don't, but maybe one of the organizers can chime in here...
That is a terribly sobering blog. Yet I remember those days, with my mom when the tiniest of battles won were huge victories.

Because a lot of people requested to bid online I will be hosting an online auction for Maggie's remaining paintings the following day or week. I will let Prof. Osler know when that is up.
Thank you for that, Flo and for everything else too.
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