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Woo hoo! Chuy's in Waco!

Waco is a strange place for restaurants. We seem to have every chain imaginable up to a certain point of sophistication, somewhere between Outback Steakhouse and Pappadeaux's. Above that level are a handful of pretty good local places, like 1424, which is located in an old candy factory and secretly has excellent Greek food.

The news today, though, is good-- Chuy's is coming to Waco.

Chuy's is a smaller Texas chain with restaurants in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. It's an excellent restaurant, and I'm happy we'll get one nearby.

Someday, though, I hope that Waco will be more of an incubator for places that haven't been brought in from somewhere else.

Fun fact: I ate at Chuy's yesterday, because I couldn't think of anything better.

I consider this a low point in my life.
Chuy's is also in San Antonio.
Best food in Waco: Bangkok Royale, no doubt.

When we first returned to Waco from New Orleans a few years ago, I liked to tell people we moved back for the food.

I love Waco's smorgasbord of Mexican food.

While I am not completely averse to chains (I love Ninfa's), I am more of a fan of the mom and pops. If you are not sampling the unheralded independents in this town, you are missing out on the true Waco experience.

For a great new place in that vein, try Mi Tequilla on Valley Mills and Wooded Acres.
Waco may not have much, but we have some of the best local burgers on the planet. Stockyards, Burger Barn, Double R, Kitok's...
All should familiarize themselves with the SBBA rankings. Meetings held anything-but-regularly.
Yay for Chuys and more decent places to eat in Waco!
There are a lot of good places to eat in Waco. I've only eaten at Chuy's once, and it was about on par with some of the places that are already in Waco. And Waco Farmer is right, some of the best places to eat are the ones that are kind of off the radar. Taqueria Arandas is one of the best places to eat in Waco, in my opinion.
O- there was a nice letter in the paper today about you and your case, from a former parole commissioner.
The prospect of having access to an Elvis Presley Combo in the near future has lifted me from the pain of finals.
Greatest Waco eateries (in no particular order):

1. Healthcamp
2. Buzzard Billies
3. Green Room
4. Captain Billy Wizzbang's
5. Vitek's
Healthcamp is HORRIBLE. I really don't know why waco people are so impressed with it.

Viteks is alright, but rarely open...
Article in "the paper"? I looked all through The Onion and did not see anything about the Prof.
Agreed that healthcamp is nothing special.

My favs are (were):

1. Michnas (sp?)
2. that vietnamese place near Bangkok Royale (that's really good too, but overpriced for Waco IMO)
3. Katy's Custard
Folks, you need to go see Ted at El Conquistador on W. Waco Drive in front of Gold's Gym. Old school Wacoans will still call it "Ted's." A family business, he's been making good food for a REALLY good price since the early 1970s.

You all also left out George's - there's no better chicken fried steak and fried pickles anywhere.

Additional local Waco places in no particular order:
Uncle Dan's (Lake Air & Valley Mills)
Tony DeMaria's BBQ (E. Waco Drive)
Cupp's Drive Inn (Speight behind Burger King)
Waco Elite Grille (Circle)
Don Leal's (2 locations: Robinson & Woodway)
Clay Pot
Dubl-R Hamburgers (18th and Herring)
I'm not familiar with dining in the Waco area. I have found the best food in Durham is at the local forgotten dive/bar. It is a rare occassion when we eat at a chain, except for Outback.

Tampa was a hotbed for new concept restaurants that then become nationwide chains.
everyone should just go to el paso
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