Tuesday, January 13, 2009


An unfortunate use for pandas

Here we see a Baylor Law student and blogger who has purchased toilet paper made out of an endangered species. Sigh.

Wait until Argbf finds out!

Honestly, sometimes I'm ashamed I'm friends with her. Unfortunately, you'd never guess that today because I'm wearing a shirt she bought me from her hometown.
Hey wait...
Is the Panda trying to tell us this is good quality BAMBOO based toilet tissue? You might be surprised

Argbf doesn't seem displeased, but was trying to tell us this product is plush. If it is good enough for Argbf, well, what about us?

Plus he got paid for letting them use his pic. Royalty rights!
I stand by my choice in toilet paper. It's a fine product.
The worst part? The dress on the Panda looks photoshopped. I.e. someone drew a nude picture of a panda and a marketing guy said, "Uh, no, that ain't gonna go in the heartland, cover her up".

Sign number 2541 of the impending apocolypse.
Panda is not wearing a dress. Panda is holding and tugging on the tissue and telling us that it is flame thrower resistant!
That reminds me of a joke:

One day, a rabbit and a bear were walking together in the woods. The bear turned to the rabbit and said, "Do you have a problem with crap sticking to your fur?"

The rabbit said, "No."

So the bear picked the rabbit up and wiped with him.
And that rabbit's name was "Charmin."
Christine you are correct! I looked closer, closer...too close, my retinas!! Nightmares for life w/re: to that Panda's soulless eyes...ahhhgh.
Hey both you Anonymouses, that's kind of where my mind was . . . I was going to say that pandas probably USE a whole lot of toilet paper, since they eat bamboo all day long and, uh, well, you know what happens after that . . .

So Argbf is probably a reliable authority on toilet paper.
{ phrrrrrrrt! }

Poop DOES stick to bunnies...so don't do that!
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