Thursday, November 27, 2008


More problems with the pandas

As many of you know, in the recent election I voted for Argbf, hoping that he was the one who would finally be able to get a handle on the violence in the Panda community.

Apparently, the Argbf administration has some work to do.

Perhaps, in retrospect, I should have voted for Grar, the Giant Maverick Panda.

I thought that was why you are taking Kung Fu. You can help end some violence in the Panda community.
Or start some!
Not blame me. I voted for Ungg. He was good cantidate for job. He believed that both parties had becomed corrupt and eat too much bamboo with pesticides. He had 3 point plan:

1) Live free and use freedom to help stuff.
2) Cap tax at $200,000 per year net loss, ignoring extra income in an attempt to end the corruption of our tax system and create an easier, more accesable Social Security system
c) Eat slow moving population of Woodley Park area, but use radar guns to avoid bias.
5) When live in cage, make cage out of bamboo so it edible.

Me think that both Argbf and Grar kissing Marx. Argbf eatl newborn cubs in sleep and eat money from wallet of parent. Grar not maverick. He run over other cubs that not newborn with truck. The Ungg administration would not only not eat cub, but pardon many cub and let live in freedom and paradise! When next election come around and Ungg run like he has for many, many, year, vote Ungg!
I saw those pandas over the weekend, at the National Zoo (I'm one of those slow-moving Woodley Park residents). Apparently it's very hard for pandas to reproduce (the females are only fertile 2 - 3 days a year!). . . so I guess they have to amuse themselves in some other ways.
Swissgirl, LOL, you can come down here if/when the pandas or the zombies rise up. You know we Texans have enough fire power and MRE's to protect y'all yanks. Plus, now we got Osler and his mad kung fu skills.

Christine, that's why we call him "the peacemaker". :)
You the trouble with the Panda Elections is that I cannot tell these two candidates apart. Clearly the one on the left is a messy eater.
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