Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Genius! (But Snape might not think so...)

BLS people might get a kick out of Jesse Davis' latest post over at self-infliction of emotional distress. In short, he's assigned new identities to many of my colleagues (though not to me, best as I can tell).

A few of them stumped me, though. Both Underwood and Serr are the sons of preachers, so I was somewhat unsure which was which, until I figured out that there was a brief mention of criminal law in one profile and not the other...

I thought the Architect and the Oracle characterization was perfect.
It looks as if that person hasn't been around long enough to have had a class with you since the adjutant at 8 am means hes a 2q cuz thats torts. I wanna be there when this kid tells Bates he only has a flotilla.
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