Thursday, May 01, 2008


Baylor Rocks the Bar for, like, the 900th time!

The February, 2008 bar results are in, and here are the numbers for first-time test takers:

1) Baylor 95.83% (46 of 48) (100% on repeaters-- 2 out of 2)
2) Texas Tech 92.86% (26 of 28) (55% on repeaters at 10 of 18)
3) SMU 92.31% (36 of 39) (64% on repeaters at 9 of 14)
4) South Tex. 88.24% (20 of 23) (67% on repeaters at 19 of 28)
5) St. Mary's 86.96% (20 of 23) (63% on repeaters 23 of 36)
6) Texas 80% (24 of 30) (58% on repeaters at 17 of 29)
7) Tex. Wesly. 79.59% (39 of 49) (85% on repeaters at 17 of 20)
8) Houston 78.95% (30 of 38) (41% on repeaters at 13 of 31)
9) Tex. South. 59.26% (16 of 27) (45% on repeaters at 24 of 53)

If I were looking at a law school to attend, the number that would jump out at me is the one that most strongly shows Baylor's continuing and consistent success-- the total number of repeat test-takers. Despite having the most first-timers taking the test (probably because of our schedule), we have by far the smallest number of re-takers... because our students almost always pass the first time.

And that's a test you only want to take once!

Oh, big wup. At Texas we dont care abut the bar exxam because we get job anyway and it doesn't matter we are top ten school andyou arent. And you live in Waco we live in Austin and you are just jelous and spend too much time for bar study time. Texas is top law schooll and houston is good too and if you have to you just get other job, not law job with bar requirmnet.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
You need to start scanning your comments again. First, please delete the comment reading "See Please Here". It is a spam advertisement for an anti-spyware company, ironically. I request that you block this user, "kijar". Second, the comment from Anonymous 5:00 would probably give a grammarian a heart attack. I mean, "we dont care about the bar exxam because we get job anyway and it doesnt matter we are top ten school andyou arent."?!? Come on!
--Micah, of (for all wondering, my blog will be back on May 5.)
Don't click on kijar's profile, either. It's a link to the same anti-spyware company.
I suspect that Anon 5:00 isn't really at UT.

Sounds more like Houston to me.
Anonymous 5:00--
Oh, big wup. I think thatyou need too stop typing so fast and go to touchtypingg classes and get a haircutt we live in Waco and you are jelous and spend to much Guitar Hero study time. At Osler's Razor we don't care about the University of Texas because we get Dr Pepper anyway and we are 200,000hit blog and you arent you dont even have megatron for prrofessor top that Osler's Razor is top blogg and StepBaker is good too and if you have to you just go to other blog, not law blog with grammar requirmnet.
Thank you for deleting that post.
Isn't this like the 900th time this photo has been used on the blog. Oh well, if you bring it out everytime Baylor tops the bar exam results that's not so bad I guess
---Mr. CL
That's right! I'm good, too! And I passed the Bar! And I have a job! And I have Dr. Pepper! And I'm yelling! Why am I yelling?!

How much time do we spend studying for the Bar? Apparently the right amount.
Wow, Professor! You get annoying spam. That means you're a Big Deal on the internet.

Now I'm going back to studying so I don't fail PC I in 7 hours!
I hope that Anonymous 5:00 is kidding. Maybe he or she is trying to be clever. If not, I pity the client whose briefs get written by that person.

Surely she jests . . .
Mr. CL--

The oz always reuses his pictures like a million times. I have tried to help out in this matter but I have tossed my hands up in defeat and accepted it.

Aack! Ergh! Dying! Heart attack! Ahhhhhh... Anonymous... 5:00... you've... killed.. me... (faints)
I think someone hint hint hint... needs to consult a dictionary every once in a while!
-Johnathan T. Julison, Distinguished Professor of The Art of Language
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