Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What to do with grades turned out to be a remarkably easy question!

In retrospect, I realize that soliciting the thoughts of students (on whether to release PR grades immediately) may not have been consistent with the history and traditions of Practice Court. Nonetheless, it all turned out to be moot. I went down to tell Registrar Jerri Cunningham to hold the grades until Friday, and she kindly informed me that Baylor doesn't release grades until after finals are done, anyways. Whoop! Once again, policy answers the hard questions in life.

At any rate... no one failed.

[ed. note: The post linked to above has perhaps my favorite comments section ever]

Probably a precedent set after Prof. Megatron attempted to deliver grades via some sort of laser brain wave sequencing formula.
Actually, we delivered grades that way up until two years ago... injunction, blah blah blah, punitive damages, etc. etc.
I though Texas tort reform so evicerated damages recovery in Texas that all law profs went back to the laser brain wave grade delivery system (LBWGDS, for short). Now, those profs in Mississippi, that's another story.
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