Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thank you for your fine suggestions, Lane

It's rare that I pull something from the comments and make a post out of it, but commenter Lane's ideas were so intriguing I had to bring them to the front. He though, first, that my art history lecture should include something from the school of Socialist Realism, such as this painting of Stalin with some adoring Communist Scouts:

Second, Lane believes that there should be room somewhere in the PC curriculum for Goya's famous work (which he painted directly on the wall of the dining room in his house), depicting the Roman myth in which Saturn devoured his own children:

Any more ideas, friends?

If you're going to use Goya, the execution by firing squad painting would be good, or the one of the Spanish Royal family that make them look like inbred imbeciles.
I'm not much of an art person, but the Voyage of Life by Thomas Cole has always been my favorite series of paintings.
Brilliant. Simply brilliant ideas.
Picasso's Guernica.
How about something by Thomas Kinkead with all the twinkly lights and cutesty stuff. Or better yet, Dogs Playing Poker.

My law school lounge featured a lampshade bust of Elvis. The cleaning people "accidentally" threw it out one summer, so the students quickly replaced it with a velvet painting of Elvis.
My favorite painter is Van Gogh.
oops, also Miro.
I've known folks who refer to the second painting solely by the title "Meat Cookie."

Thomas Cole, brilliant! Course of Empire would have been another great suggestion, portraying the five stages of intellectual development of the PC student -- fresh and untamed, honed to a perfect fighting edge, and then collapsing into post-finals burnout.
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