Monday, April 28, 2008


So, what should the professor do?

I have pretty much finished grading the PR finals, and coming up with quarter grades. Should I put them out now, or is that bad timing given that the PC students have two more exams to before the end of the week?

You are saying you are worried about releasing grades TOO EARLY? From what I have seen, that is not the usual problem at Baylor.
Put them out friday afternoon at 2:00. Thats 30 min after the last final starts. That way, no one's studying gets interfered with by the immense distress the grade you gave them will undoubtedly cause.
I agree with tom.

I want to say, put them out if you didn't fail anyone, but otherwise hold off on them...but then of course if you don't put them out, everyone will wonder if they are "the one" (or however many).

PC I's at 8am on Friday, so anytime after that would be great.
I agree with anon 4:58. If I failed and have to spend an extra quarter at Baylor, I don't want to know until I have access to tissue for weeping.
Haha, you do know that someone's probably going to send you a panicked e-mail asking about them anyway now that you've announced they're done...right?
We are already weeping because we are studying for the other two PC finals. Lane, I know you have tissue nearby.
Wait until after the PC finals.
I think an email to the PC class that everyone passed would be nice! (and then grades on Friday) :)
I also agree with Tom. That's the best of all possible grade postings. I commend you for dampening premature final grade shock! That would have scared the pants off of me!
I agree with Becky.
I agree with Tom. Just to throw any weight I might have in.

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