Thursday, April 17, 2008


Recurring Dreams

Since one of the mandates of the blog is to discuss repressed memories, it may be time to revisit that rich field of lore.

As a kid, I had this recurring dream in which I was at the bottom of a pit, and pilgrims (hats with buckles, etc) were looking down at me. It was unclear whether they were there to help me or if they had put me down there.

Now, the pilgrims have returned. In the new dream, I am arguing a case in the Court of Appeals (I think the Second Circuit), and at the table for opposing counsel are those same pilgrims! What's with that?

If you have any insights into what this may mean, let me know, and feel free to share your own recurring dreams. Finals, of course, seems to unleash nocturnal musings, so I suspect there may be a lot of material here...

My recurring nightmare:

I'm in college, and I've decided to drop a class. However, I forget to actually drop it, but I've quit attending, and it's too late to drop - I just have to take an F.
Clearly... you are a witch.
Starting about age... 7 I think? I've had a recurring nightmare:

My whole family is in a pink cadillac and we drive to a two story pizza parlor. We get a table on the second floor, the building catches fire and we die. It's extremely depressing.

As to the ever changing career pilgrims... who knows??? Maybe you had a horrible thanksgiving as a child and these are repressed memories.
Mr. Buck stole my thunder. And thunder it is. Nice catch, dan.

I had an amazingly vivid dream last finals cycle. I realized the day after the exam that i had only been to one class session of my Law Calculus class. I had to beg for mercy from the Professor, my 8th grade geometry teacher.
My newest nightmare??? Failing the last quarter of law school.. in particular, sentencing.

I know this one guy who failed law calculus. He just quit school rather than take it again. That and law gym are tough back-to-back!

My recurring dream is that I am refereeing the Super Bowl and one team catches the ball and I can't figure out if it is a touchdown or not. I just stand there. Then I realize I am wearing a sports bra instead of the referee shirt.
Nice picture, but were the pilgrims in your dream painting, as well?
Everything is normal in my life except I wake up one morning to discover that I have grown a tail. At first it is really cool, and everyone is impressed until it is time to get dressed. Now I have to find clothes that will accommodate a tail.

I finally find some, but I keep standing around complaining to friends that its so hard to find clothes when you have a tail.

The Other recurring dream I have is I am having a nice dinner party, and I run out of food, but I am not worried because I have more in the ove, more shrimp. I go to get the shrimp in the oven, and I open the oven door and there are only BOOKS in the oven. I do not know what to do, and then I wake up.
We've discussed this before!

Recurring Dreams are NOT the same as Repressed Memories.

It would be repressed memory if you had FORGOTTEN about the Pilgrims, then had the Appellate Court dream and remembered them.

Better yet if you were attending some sort of school play featuring children and suddenly remembered a bad Pilgrim experience from your childhood.

Perhaps you've repressed the clear distinction between "recurring" and "repressed."

Isn't this the sort of thing that would lead to you assigning a student to do a memo?

Get some sleep!

I had forgotten about the pilgrims until this stupid dream cropped up, so it is a repressed memory. Maybe I can make it into a recipe, too.
OK fine.

If you're only just remembering the Pilgrims, that's OK. I think Dan Buck is right, it means you're a witch.
Wait a sec... you hate America, don't you!? That's it! Your an America-hating witch!

Either that or you've got a strange Thanksgiving fetish...

Tell me this: What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of one of those buckle hats? That might tell us more...
Clearly your dream indicates you feel judged by puritanical elders and, by being in a pit, you cannot overcome their condemnation. It's a guilt-related dream. I suspect you feel guilty about buying that Mazda, or selling your beloved Bimmer, or being a witch. Thank you, that will be $500.
Well, I think the Pilgrims represent the Supreme Court. After all, you had the pilgrims dream right after the Supreme Court's death penalty decision, right?

Or, in a larger sense, the Pilgrims are The Authority Against Which You are Bucking. Fighting. Sort of a twist on Tradelawguy's theory.
This whole conversation is creeping me out: a funking painting pilgrim (by the way, what do you seen in that painting? Butterflies?), repressed memories--nobody has mentioned that the Pope is in the building, and now recipes? I'm leaving...
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