Monday, April 21, 2008


My take on the Eldorado FLDS

Several commenters has asked for my opinion on the raid on the FLDS compound in Eldorado, Texas. I have several thoughts:

1) As to the charges, my time as a prosecutor has taught me NOT to have an opinion until the facts are known publicly. It could be that some of the women or children being held are making statements which reveal rampant sexual abuse, or it could be that they aren't. I just don't know, so I can't opine. What I learned from being on the inside of investigations is that they are intentionally opaque to people on the outside.

2) I'm pretty sure there will eventually be a law in Texas that pre-emptively allows a search of any place described in the media as a "compound" and located within the state's borders. It's a regional thing-- in Texas a compound is full of religious kooks, while in New England, a compound is where the United States President and his family go on vacation in the summer.

3) I would agree with The Ladybird that the FLDS women appear to be doing something inhuman with their hair. That kind of wavey-knot thing on the front... how do they do that? Right now, my hair looks like some kind of gardening accident, so the idea of maintaining such order and control on top of one's own head is beyond my comprehension.

4) In a few weeks, I am lecturing down in Del Rio, and it appears that Eldorado is on the way. If so, I will stop in, hoping that it is as interesting as my last such stop in Rock Springs.

I'd like to know why being in a polygamist cult also means you have to dress like you just stepped off the Mayflower.
Yeah-- what is the religious directive that tells women living on religious compounds they must wear pioneer dresses? Homestead Heritage women do the same thing.
Hahahahaha! For real.
I think it's b/c they know all the craziness that is going on behind the walls of the "compound" and they think if they dress like that we won't catch on. Now we know better.
The Free the Children petition is gaining considerable momentum:

Also, there is now a call for someone (anyone with compassion and computer skill) to set up
There is nothing in Ladybird's post (at least the one you cited) about their hair. Three posts back I mentioned their weird perfect hair.

I cannot judge these people until we all know the facts h=either, but I saw one of the women interviewed on the Today Show this AM who I swaer looked like Ray Liota in Goodfellas. The woman next to her was a dead ringer for Paulie Walnuts and they were both dressed like Mrs. Ingalls on the Prarie. The men said like NOTHING, pretty much.

Here is an idea... You have the right to live different lives I guess than other people, but right now, CPS has all of your kids, so HELLO? You can go back to WEIRD CITY later, after you get your kids back. For now, why not TRY A LITTLE to look a little more mainstream?

I am not saying Haute Couture and Armani, but COME ON!! Maybe lose the Stepford affect a little. How about maybe SMILING once in a while.. NO - you SHOULD NOT HAVE TO jump through all of these hoops I guess - BUT THEY HAVE YOUR KIDS!!!!!

If someone had my kid and to get them back they told me I should wear clown shoes, a sparkly tube top, culottes and a rainbow wig, I would be wearing that...
I'm really glad to see that lawyers state wide are volunteering their time to help out with all the cases. The state bar website reports that they now have enough legal volunteers.

The one downside is that I can't get a single hotel room in all of San Angelo for the one weekend I need to be there. :(
I received an email requesting volunteers to help with the hearings in San Angelo. One interesting part of the email was that it was requested that female attorneys not wear make-up, jewelry or the color red. Also long sleeves and longer skirts would be appreciated. has a feature today on the hairstyles and fashion of the FLDS women.

Great reporting, right?

The April 14 entry in the SLC Tribune Blog addresses the fashion issue from the perspective of a member.
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