Monday, April 07, 2008


Look! It's the newest IPLawBaby!

Name: Miriam Shriver Brooke
Nickname: "Sandra Day"
Length: 4'2"
Weight: 57 lbs.

Way to go IPLawFamily!

Congrats to the IPLaws.
57 lbs. WOW.

Poor Iplawife.
PS that Mamie Eisenhower Iplawbaby gets CUTER BY THE MINUTE!!!!!!
Congratulations! Beautiful family . . .
Seven more and they have a baseball team! Kudos to IPLaws!
Beautiful!! I expect to see Sandra Day O' IPLawBaby (Day-O for short)in full Nationals regalia pronto.

Hugs to the girls!

The CL's
I was at the Nats game tonight with Iplawkid and we seriously considered buying IplawbabyII a Nationals sleeper... but we resisted.
Congrats, iplawfamily! I am so happy to hear of iplawbaby's safe arrival. And, of course, I am delighted that you didn't pick a stupid name. Good on ya'!
LISTEN PEOPLE CAN WE DECIDE NOW on the name for the newest member of the Iplaw fam? Everyone is calling her different names and we need ONE.

Here are the choices:


SHE NEEDS her permanent BLOG name.

It is up to YOU.

I like Mrs CL's DAYO Idea

so it would be MAMIE EISENHOWER for the older one, and DAY for the new baby... I like it.
Aww, cute...

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