Monday, April 28, 2008


JAG as a good example

Over the past few years I have encouraged some of my students to pursue a career in JAG (especially those already in the service or inclined that way in the first place). My experience has been that JAG officers receive great training and are a bastion of principled criminal lawyering. This didn't change my mind about any of that.

Prof Osler,

I don't know if you knew this, since the last time we saw each other I was in private practice, but I'm now an AF JAG.

It's been a great experience, and I highly recommend it for those who are so inclined. I often go from prosecuting cases to assisting clients with transactional or family law issue, all in the same day.

If any of your current students are interested, I'd be glad to give them the non-recruiter scoop.

Jed Dorman
Dude, I would have thought this would've been the deal breaker.
Before coming to BLS, I worked at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for the NASA General Counsel's office. I worked as the assistant to the GC. Both the GC and the Deputy GC were retired Marine lawyers -- Mike (Harvard/UVA Law) a Brigadier General and former staff Judge Advocate of the Marine Corps, Keith (?/Case Western Law) a Colonel. These two men were the most honorable men I have known in my entire life. Bar none. They were great people in public and private, loved their families, worked hard every day, and did double duty serving this country (in combat, as military lawyers, and as leaders of NASA's legal operations). I loved working for Mike and Keith. I often think that if I had it to do over again, I would much rather have followed their path - joining the Marine Corps after law school, going to law school, serving as a Marine lawyer, and doing a second career as a lawyer in government practice.
Jed-- That's great! I'm glad to hear things are going well, but I'm not surprised.

Lurch-- Role models like that are the best kind of influence any of us can have. Their example can hold the cynics at bay during the dark times.

Coco de Bunny-- That's one of many tv shows I have never seen. [weeps silently to self]
I never saw it, either...but the commercials looked pretty sweet.
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