Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Is a caption even necessary?

I don't watch enough television. I have no idea what is going on in this picture. Usually, in situations like this, I end up having IPLawGuy explain it to me.

I watch even less television.

True Fact: The only time I have ever seen an episode of The Sopranos was at Chez Osler in Waco.

But I think the woman is Elliot Spitzer's wife. And that guy's Matt Lauer, right?

Perhaps Iplawwife can help. I keep asking her why various people who seem to show up on supermarket tabloid headlines are famous and she seems to at least know who they are.

Honey, are you surfing?

Stop calling me "honey."


Prof. Osler
the Sopranos is not television, it's HBO
Anonymous 11:51 must be Prof. Counseller.
Meredtih Viera did an thing with Will Ferrel back when his Ice Skating Spoof movie came out. They tried to skate together and he pulled her thru his legs and she fell on the ice HARD and hit her head It looked really really painful but Meredith got right up.

If you need to know about TV ask me anything. I might be able to help. I only watch about 70 or 80 shows a week, but I can try my best, Honey.

For the record, I never know who ANYONE is on the magazine covers at the grocery store either. I mean who is MISCHA BARTON? JESSICA ALBA? HUH????
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