Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I escaped the incompetence of American Airlines!

Yesterday evening, my plane touched down in Dallas to an eerie sight-- there were no planes on the runways or taxiways. The pilot announced that everyone's connecting flights had been cancelled.

Inevitably, everyone feared the worst. Perhaps there had been another 9/11, and all flights were grounded. Maybe a crash, or other disaster.

Of course, as we all now know, the FAA had grounded most of American's Dallas fleet due to maintenance issues. American claims that these are simply "technical" issues, and has implied that the grounding was unnecessary. However, it seems that the problem was this: The FAA identified improper wiring in American's planes last month, and ordered it to be fixed. American said it was fixed. Then, yesterday, the FAA re-inspected the wiring and found the problem still existed on several of the planes they checked. To put it in terms of law school, American got a second memo, and probably deserved it.

Hmm . . . interesting . . . my family just flew to Zurich from NYC on American Airlines. Twice--admittedly in very bad weather the first time, but not as bad the second time--the pilot, upon getting to Zurich, decided not to land, turned around, and few to Milan. Then apparently the Italians didn't want to let them off the plane, didn't accept American's CREDIT to pay for fuel (how weird is that); finally they got fuel & flew back, only to have the pilot turn around the second time when every other flight was landing, and fly back to Milan . . . finally the passengers were bussed over the Alps to Zurich, arriving at 8 pm instead of 6:30 am.

I just wonder if the pilot was afraid to land because of some of these maintenance issues, too, not just because of the weather (especially when all the other flights were landing). Hmm.

Pretty sobering stuff, about our airlines.
My mother was scheduled to fly in tonight to Dallas for a long-awaited visit from Virginia. Unfortunately, she did not escape the incompetence of American Airlines. Her flight was cancelled, we are attempting to find another flight for her tomorrow, but either way, her visit, which was only through Sunday, will be significantly shortened. She only visits 1 or 2 times a year, and I had lots of special things planned for tomorrow that I have had to cancel. I am very angry right now.
I hate the airlines. The thing that really drives me crazy is that complaining doesn't help. What's the point of telling off the poorly paid check in agents, the flight attendants or even the pilots. The people who are screwing us over are unseen, unavailable and far away. I once wrote a letter to Delta to complain and got back a ridiculous form letter.


Anon, I feel your pain.
Dear Friends,

Go to hell. We hate you.

The Airlines
IPLAW: et al: I did find a site kind of a blog really where you write tot hei guy and if your thing is bad enough he puts it up there.. it truly embarrasses the companies...

Its just a little thing, but it could help? I dunno here it is. Check and see... As for your stories of airlines from hell WOW those are SCARY!!!!!

I tell ya. All this news about planes not being up to standards, inspectors' jobs being threatened for saying so, etc etc... it makes me feel REALLY good about signing up to fly across the Atlantic in a few months. And spending a huge amount of money to do it.

I thinking the steamboat is going to make a come-back real soon.
Yeah, because boats never sink.

The Titanic
At least when boats sink, you've got a lifeboat and your legs aren't cramped from being wedged into the seat in front of you. I'd rather swim for it.

PS - congrats on the Dallas job, poseur!
This is why the bunny stays well-grounded...

...well, that and getting into trouble. Whatever.
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