Friday, April 25, 2008


Haiku Freakin' Friday, Already!

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So, I just finished having a nice chat with TallTenor after his performance in Carmen tonight, which was excellent. I'll post more about it on Saturday.

For now, though... it's Haiku Friday, finals week edition. The categories (never mandatory) for this week include:

1) So, what's so bad about repeating PC, anyways?
2) Opera
3) Skylab
4) Bullfights
5) Prison
6) Tom Jacob made my breakfast
7) The worst fast-food joint of them all
8) Gumby
9) Bunnies
10) Things not to do in Austin

Here is mine:

Eggs, carpet, mouse poop
This is the worst breakfast, ugh-
Thanks a lot, TJ.

Now it is your turn--

Don't not eat good food
in Austin, cause it's better
than TJ's breakfast
What's there not to hate?
Sevenforty-five a.m.
Can just kiss my grits
Nothing is wrong with
Repeating all of PC
Except it's PC.

One should never get
Oneself arrested at night
Like when Lane drives by

(because he'll want to scream out to not let the cops search your car without probable cause)

Avoid the East Side
Like it has bubonic plague
Bunnies are awesome!
I love the bunny rabbits
Pellets >* bird poop

(pronounced "pfft")
Sixth Street is awesome
Until you wake up next to
Some dirty hippie

You smell of MJ
Your clothes are gone; your boxers
Are all made of hemp.

Because we all know
Not to leave Waco without
Double underwear.
Builder says: "Time to
pick out cabinets." We do.
"But not THOSE cabinets."

I complain a lot.
I know. There are REAL problems
going on. Bigger.

I just miss my house,
my life, civilization.
Need off Goat Farm now.

Endless legal fights,
skunks, raccoons, cows, very bad
smelling water. HELP!!!!

No one gets it: I
was not very sane BEFORE
my house exploded....

Woke up on Sixth Street
And I WAS the dirty hippie
Damn you, UT year!
Viginia v. Moore
Makes what was once illegal
Life is short.
Opera is long.
Talltenor wishes
He could claim post's authorship:
Saw it on t-shirt.
TallTenor rocked
Austin, city of music,
singing murderer.
Opera has it all:
Prisons, bullfights, breakfasts, food,
But not Skylab.

I made a model Skylab
With my best friend, in sixth grade.
Such a big deal then.

What happened to it?
(The real Skylab, I mean.)
My model bit the dust.
I think there are a few lawyers in opera, too. But probably nothing like PC.
A DC Dance Club
Despite the name Opera
Was known as "Oprah"
Bar results next week
Anxiety, excitement?
Too afraid to chose
No news is good news.
Hey, ladibird45,
Look out: Might be poo

Are you enjoying
The things I let you borrow?
They are my fav'rites!

Nothing can compare
With watching "The Newlyweds"
It's just like op'ra.

Tomorrow, ice cream--
Fix our problems with Cold Stone
Choo, choo! Next stop, m'ass!
"M'ass" as one syllable--
That is just brilliant, Steph'nie
I am in awe now.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Why, thanks, Ten-Seven!
I could not contract "my thighs,"
So I went for th'ass!
Bullfighters are tough,
Carmen is even tougher,
Must wear the hard cup.
PC's not so bad
Except ulcers and aging
10 years in 10 weeks
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