Monday, April 28, 2008


Getting done with finals, going to New York

After finals and graduation on Saturday, I will be heading to New York next week to do some work on my next writing project. It will be great going back to the big city-- I really do love it there, and get a lot done.

One thing I always here when I talk to New York is people saying that "it isn't like it used to be." Which is, regardless of your reference point, true. Change is a constant, and that is part of what marks the place in an eternal way. How terrible if it didn't change! Right now, the thing to be nostalgic for is the period around 1977, when the city was on the brink of collapse, the power was going out, and "Son of Sam" was the serial murderer du jour. It was a dangerous and edgy place, and if you wanted you could rent an apartment in an unsafe neighborhood (there were plenty) for reasonable rent.

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