Thursday, April 10, 2008


Excellent new blog alert!

Today I found a promising new student blog, appropriately title Self-Infliction of Emotional Distress. It started its existence with a tidy little post properly comparing Baylor Law to Hogwarts, noting each of the following:

1. Baylor Law, like Hogwarts, has its own castle near a body of water.

2. 1Q Legal Research is taught by one Prof. Quarles. The equivalent Hogwarts class, Defense Against the Dark Arts, is taught by a Prof. Quirrles. A mere change in spelling!

3. The phrase "Ten Points from Gryffindor!" was actually coined by Baylor Prof. Jim Underwood, who still holds the original copyright.

4. The Hogwarts grounds are inhabited by mystical creatures. This is a clear reference to the Baylor Law grounds and its well documented Serr Bear population.

5. The Hogwarts headmaster speaks with the portraits of past headmasters to gain advice. Everyone at Baylor Law knows that Dean Toben talks to the portraits of past Deans after the library closes at night. Why else are they on the same floor as his office?

6. Alan Rickman was selected to play Severus Snape only after Prof. William Jeremy Counseller turned down the job.

7. Some Hogwarts professors had been teaching there for almost a century. Baylor contracts Prof. Larry Bates has this record beat by almost three decades.

7. Hogwarts students strictly avoid interacting with muggles. Obviously Rowling observed the relationship between Baylor law students and undergrads.

8. The game of quiddich is a very thinly veiled reference to Baylor's world-class intramural basketball teams.

9. Sorting Hat? Moot Court point class round? No further explanation needed.

Thanks for the shout out! I need to put my haiku hat on and post something.
Non obstante veredicto!

(swish and flick)
Egads, Harry is taking over more than just the Remedies class! I really should have read those books so I would know about things like magical school districts and such. It will be bad when I fail my first course for lack of knowledge of popular contemporary literature.
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