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Commencement speakers

I swiped this list of spring law school commencement speakers from Paul Caron's Taxprof blog, which in turn I found through Leiter's blog:

* Akron: Bedford Biles
* Albany: Jeanine Pirro (TV legal analyst; former District Attorney, Westchester County, New York)
* American: Stephen Breyer (Justice, Supreme Court)
* Baltimore: Ted Turner (media mogul)
* Boston College: Michael Mukasey (Attorney General, United States)
* Boston University: Niki Tsongas (Member, U.S. Congress)
* Brooklyn: George Bundy Smith (Partner, Chadbourne & Parke; retired Associate Judge of New York Court of Appeals)
* BYU: Matthew Durant (Justice, Utah Supreme Court)
* Capital: Jennifer Brunner (Secretary of State, Ohio)
* Cardozo: Dennis Jacobs (Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit)
* Case Western: Mark Dann (Attorney General, Ohio)
* Catholic: Samuel Alito (Justice, Supreme Court)
* Chapman: Erwin Chemerinsky (Dean, UC-Irvine Law School)
* Chicgao-Kent: Lisa Madigan (Attorney General, Illinois)
* Cincinnati: Billy Martin (Partner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan)
* Columbia: Cynthia McFadden (Co-anchor, ABC News)
* Cornell: John Blume (Professor, Cornell)
* Duquesne: Richard Thornburgh (former Governor, Pennsylvania; former Attorney General, United States)
* Duke: William Neukom (President, ABA; Partner, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston, Gates Ellis)
* George Washington: Daniel K. Inouye (Member, U.S. Senate)
* Golden Gate: Lee Baxter (former Judge, California Superior Court)
* Harvard: Cory Booker (Mayor, Newark, NJ)
* Hofstra: Adam Liptak (Reporter, New York Times)
* Indiana-Bloomington: Richard Lugar (Member, U.S. Senate)
* John Marshall (Chicago): Jonathan Turley (Professor, George Washington; TV legal analyst)
* Lewis & Clark: John Lewis (Member, U.S. Congress)
* Loyola-L.A.: David W. Burcham (Executive Vice President & Provost, Loyola)
* Loyola-New Orleans: Scott Turow (legal novelist)
* LSU: Bobby Jindal (Governor, Louisiana)
* Michigan State: Marilyn Kelly (Justice, Michigan Supreme Court)
* New England: Larry Lucchino (President & CEO, Boston Red Sox)
* New York Law School: Dennis Archer (Chairman, Dickinson Wright; former President, ABA, and former Mayor, Detroit)
* New York University: Anne Milgram (Attorney General, New Jersey)
* North Dakota: Ralph Erickson (Judge, U.S. District Court)
* Northeastern: Stephen Breyer (Justice, Supreme Court)
* Northwestern: Jerry Springer (TV show host; former Mayor, Cincinnati)
* Notre Dame: A.J. Bellia (Professor, Notre Dame; winner, Teacher of the Year award)
* Pace: Theodore Jones (Judge, New York Court of Appeals)
* Penn State: Michael Apfelbaum (Partner, Apfelbaum, Apfelbaum & Apfelbaum)
* Pennsylvania: Bill Richardson (Governor, New Mexico)
* Pittsburgh: Debra Todd (Justice, Pennsylvania Supreme Court)
* Quinnipiac: Barry R. Schaller (Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court)
* Richmond: Henry Hudson (Judge, U.S. District Court(
* San Diego: Thomas O'Brien (U.S. Attorney, Central District of California)
* South Dakota: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (Member, U.S. Congress)
* South Texas: Richard Anderson (CEO, Delta Airlines)
* Stanford: Joe Bankman (Tax Prof, Stanford; winner, Hurlbut Award for Excellence in Teaching)
* UC-Berkeley: Mary Schroeder (former Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Apeals, 9th Circuit) & Anne Joseph O'Connor (Professor, UC-Berkeley)
* UC-Davis: David Rosenberg (Presiding Judge, Yolo Superior Court)
* UC-Hastings: Willie Brown (former Mayor, San Francisco)
* UCLA: Morgan Chu (Partner, Irell & Manella)
* USC: Erwin Chemerinsky (Dean, UC-Irvine Law School)
* University of St. Thomas: Edward Toussaint Jr. (Chief Judge, Minnesota Court of Appeals)
* Vanderbilt: Nicholas Zeppos (Chancellor, Vanderbilt)
* Vermont: Madeleine May Kunin (former Governor, Vermont)
* Virginia: Timothy Finchem (Commissioner, PGA Tour)
* Wake Forest: Jim Talent (Fellow, Heritage Foundation; former member, U.S. Senate)
* Washington & Lee: William Webster (former U.S. District Judge, CIA Director, and FBI Director)
* U. of Washington: Sherman Alexie (author)
* Washburn: Dennis Moore (Memberm U.S. Congress)
* Whittier: Linda Sánchez (Member, U.S. Congress)
* Western New England: Reena Raggi (Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, 2d Circuit)
* William & Mary: Sandra Day O'Connor (retired Justice, Supreme Court)
* Wisconsin: Thomas Barrett (Mayor of Milwaukee)
* Yale: Kenji Yoshino (Professor, Yale)

At Baylor, the commencement speaker will be our own Jeremy Counseller, who did an amazing job the last time he was called to this duty (Winter, 2007, I think)-- the best commencement speech I have heard at Baylor. The picture above (of student speaker Heather Davenport) was taken at that commencement-- my habit of taking photos from the stage sometimes produced something worthwhile.

Interesting that Erwin Chemerinski is the speaker at USC and Chapman, two local competitors to his future law school at UC-Irvine.
Jerry Springer at Northwestern would be my pick for interesting speaker . . .

And Virginia continues its tradition of getting totally nonsensical graduation speakers--the head of the PGA tour? What's up with that?

At least Jerry Springer was the mayor of something . . . I don't know; somehow that seems to give him some cred. And he has a musical named after him, too.
And you could say that Jerry Springer has mediated his share of disputes . . . but maybe the head of the PGA tour has, too.
I think the ones I would like to hear most are Sherman Alexie and Bill Richardson. Although I imagine Counseller's graduation speech would be pretty interesting. "You! Stand up! Get your hands out of your pockets! Tell me about Pennoyer v. Neff! Don't mumble!"
Swissgirl-- Jerry Springer was they mayor of Cincinnati, and holds a JD from Northwestern, so he makes sense as the commencement speaker. I don't see the PGA president at VA though.
You hit 200k. That's great!
Maybe the PGA pres donated a lot of money to UVA . . . or has a JD from there, or both . . . hmm.
Counseller's last commencement speech is probably the best one I've ever heard.
On a completely unrelated note:

Baby Bush Toys: Simple Products for Simple Minds (including a Terror Alert Zylophone, but my favorite is the Twisty Thing That Is Red)
The PGA commissioner is indeed a UVA Law grad.
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