Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Baker and the church

I highly recommend this post by newly minted Baylor grad Stephen Baker.

It's seems that for many people, part of their faith journey is a period in which they are angry at God, at the church, or at both. I can't say that I have had that period in my own life, but I find it moving when I hear about people dealing with that. In Oral Advocacy, Marc Ellis talked about the anger that some Jews have over the holocaust, and it is hard to imagine how a Jew would not have anger at God, the God of the Covenant, over that. I see it in Catholics (like Baker) and in my brother Baptists (over the SBC split), too.

The very idea of God is a complex one. On top of it, if God is superior to us in His powers and understanding, then it must be that there things about God we will never understand. The power of faith and God, though, is reflected in the fact that in the middle of anger, the question of who God is and what He wants is still there, seeking answers.

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