Friday, April 18, 2008


And now some calming haiku...

It's been a long week here at Razor central. With class and practice court mini-trials, I've had about eight hours with students every day, turning everything else into a rush. It's time for some... calming haiku.

I realize that a picture of Patty Hearst with an automatic weapon might not qualify as "calming" to everyone, but relative to the rest of the week, it's close. As for the haiku, let us consider these topics:

1) The Symbionese Liberation Army
2) Finals approach
3) Things Osler should do
4) The Eldorado polygamists
5) Gumby
6) The Baze decision
7) Cars
8) Ironman
9) Summer approaches
10) Graduation Day

Here is mine:

Patty Hearst, heiress
Stockholm syndrome darling girl
What Symbionese?

Now, you take a crack at it...

Polygamists' car
Eldorado; not quite right
They Drive Coupe de Villes
My house blew up one
year ago from this coming
Saturday... Time flies.

Time, and guitars parts,
garage doors, windows, the grill -
you name it, it flew.

One year later, still
no end, BUT we are in the
tunnel at least now.

Thank God for lawyers.
Our two lawyers, Batman and
Robin, they're awesome.
Ironman trailer spot
Better than the movie?
Want an iron suit.
Hearst, Gumby, Ironman,
Death penalty rears its head,
Help me now, Pokey!
Thanks Anon 8:12
My tune wedgie for the day:
"I am Iron Man . . ."

(cue rhythm guitar riff)
Nobody wants him!
They only... er, I forgot.
Ironman lyrics, hard.
Osler, please do this:
For the PR final, just
have karaoke.
Better yet, Osler
Have the PR Final be
To sing "Ironman"
Paranoid LP
Crazy looking guy with sword
Great Album cover
Enraged, mortified
This attorney wants to help
FLDS kids

I am proud! They said
No more room for volunteers
In Eldorado

I am amazed that
So many lawyers stepped up
To help the children
No one visits my
silly blog. When my dog barks,
sounds like Chewbakka.
FDLS kids,
Living in an Eldorado--
Get them a sedan!
I've said this before
And I'll say it again: You
Need a Puffalump.
I have a hard time
With Robert Downey Jr.
As superhero
lude gestures in court
90 days in the slammer
teach that in PR!

from today's Statesman:


Lawyer free to appeal sentence

Austin defense lawyer Adam Reposa has been released from jail to appeal his 90-day sentence for contempt.

"If you look at contempt law, every case is the same — you lose at the trial court and you win on appeal," Reposa said Thursday. "I am not going to do a minute of that time."

Karyl Krug, a lawyer for Reposa, said that the Court of Criminal Appeals ordered him released on his own recognizance after she and another lawyer petitioned for his release late Wednesday.

Reposa spent about eight hours in jail before he was released.

An emergency motion on Reposa's behalf called the sentence excessive and the finding of contempt erroneous.

Reposa was found guilty of contempt for making a gesture simulating masturbation at Judge Jan Breland during plea negotiations in a driving while intoxicated case last month.
Lewd drawing today,
Minitrial stick figure
Too many sticks.
What if Patty Hearst
Had killed somebody? Would the
Supreme Court have let

Her die on the gurney?
I don't think so.
The Symbionese
Liberation Cheerleaders
Dangerous skirts.
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