Monday, March 10, 2008


New Sins

Apparently an Archbishop who is the number two guy in the Vatican's department that deals with such things has discussed new sins such as harming the environment. I think it is great to have an active re-thinking now and again about right and wrong, which is what he suggests.

In a lighter vein, what are the principle law school sins? I would imagine some of them would involve use of the printers and parking...

hey- by the picture, I didn't mean to imply that baker singing karaoke is a sin- I hear he is excellent. Me singing karaoke... Now that's a different story.
Maybe not a law school sin in general, but playing ping pong is definitely a Practice Court sin!

Other notables:
1. Getting Vitex for lunch without bringing any for Meredith in the Dean's Suite.
2. Not saying Hi to Jimmy in the hall.
3. Stealing the reference books necessary to complete LARC exercises.
4. Being a gunner during orientation.
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