Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Foosball: Me and T-Murder Take on the World!

Tomorrow night at 8 pm in the back of Cricket's, Prof. Larry ("T-Murder") Bates and I will be taking on anyone who dares at the great sport of foosball. Don't be fooled, either-- T-Murder takes foosball very seriously. He's also very good at it (I, on the other hand, am fair to poor).

Here's how it works: First, T-Murder and I will be playing as a team of 2. Challengers may either be a team of two or a solo player. Each challenger will pay $5 for the privilege. All proceeds will go to Mission Waco, and T-Murder and I will match the total amount contributed. So, if we play 40 games, that will be $200 which T-Murder and I will match, for a total contribution of $400.

It's just not Christmas without some festive holiday foosball, T-Murder.


T-Murder finally has his own facebook group.
Professor Osler, I hope you've been practicing!
Uh... did T-Murder get bond? I remember him being detained earlier this year pending trial...
Are you ready for another 5-0 smackdown?
Where can I get a "Free Bates" t-shirt?

Preferably in pink.
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